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The CAST Exam is offered by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) to certify applicants under the Construction and Skilled Trades Selection Test (CAST).

Those who wish to take the CAST Exam must prepare in the following areas of interest. The Edison Electric Institute has developed this comprehensive test to determine certification with most Electrical companies. It is likely they have scheduled the exam with EEI for you to become certified in lieu of employment.

Some general topics and field of experience that should be known before taking the CAST Exam:

* Physics, including acceleration, displacement, power, friction, levers, velocity, kinetic energy, torque, and pressure.
* Mathematics, including fractions, exponents, ratios, Geometry, and graphic arithmetic
* Mechanical, including simple machines, screws, wedges, inclined planes, and wheels and axles.
As mentioned, the CAST Exam is usually required for employment or further education for existing electric company engineers. The skilled trade employer will likely have the employee schedule the exam or set the schedule for a number of applicants at once. Most employers pay for the cost of the exam, but its possible that would be the responsibility of the employee.

The CAST Exam is administered at computer based testing centers and can be taken at any time. The CBT centers are located all across the US and offer multiple choice test-taking on computers. The instructions will be clear and the mechanics of the exam likely very simple to understand.

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CAST Study Guide

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