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The College Basic Academic Subjects Examination (CBASE) offered by the Assessment Resource Center (ARC) is a standardized test used to determine whether a candidate is ready for teacher education programs and other college level coursework.

The CBASE exam is used by hundreds of college level programs nationwide. The exam focuses on four key areas: English, math, science, and social studies. Candidates will be asked to take the exam at a scheduled time. Most colleges have an assessment and testing center where they would administer the exam.

The CBASE may be issued as a paper and pencil exam, but most likely it will be computer based. Candidates will be asked to choose the best possible answer for a multiple choice question on the computer. Most students do not take more than the time allotted to complete the exam. Since the exam is administered via the computer, most of the students will have the chance to see their scores when they leave. Although official test scores will be mailed within a six week period after the test.

There are a total of 180 multiple choice questions on the exam. Of those, 41 are English, 56 are math, 41 are science, and 42 are social studies questions. The test is graded on a scale from 40 to 560. The English portion of the exam will ask questions related to reading and literature. The questions will be derived from the passages the candidate reads. The Math questions will discuss fundamentals, ratios, fractions, equations, and Geometry as well as other key math topics. The science and social studies questions relate to material an entry level college student should know.

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CBASE Study Guide

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