Certified Dietary Manager Study Guide Review

The Certified Dietary Manager Exam offered by the Certifying Board for Dietary Managers (CBDM) enables successful applicants to become Certified Dietary Manager (CDM).

Applicants who wish to take the Certified Dietary Manager Exam must first meet the CBDM’s eligibility requirements. The CBDM offers four separate pathways to take the exam. An applicant needs to fulfill one of the pathways in order to be eligible.

* Candidate has completed a DMA-approved dietary manager training program and can prove with a certificate.
* Candidates can submit transcripts if they completed a two year or four year degree in nutrition or foodservice management. Those who specialized in culinary arts or a related field can also submit their transcripts.
* Candidates can prove they finished at least a 90-hour foodservice course or other state approved foodservice course.
* Candidates who served in the military and underwent dietary management training, with at least a level of E-5 can apply with proper documentation.
The CDM Exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions. The exam focuses on the following topics in varying depths:
* Gathering of nutritional data
* Applying nutritional data
* Providing nutritional data
* Providing food services
* Hiring and supervision of employees
* Developing personnel and communications
* Professional communication
* Management of inventory, safety, and sanitation measures
* Management of production
* Managing business operations

The CDM exam is a four hour exam that starts at 8:30am. The CDM exam costs $390. The test is administered twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The exam can be taken at many locations across the United States. The applicant will be able to choose their testing location from those nearest their home.

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