CPS and CAP Study Guide

The Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) Examination & Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Examination offered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) qualifies successful candidates as Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) or Certified Administrative Professional (CAP).

The IAAP requires candidates to meet certain eligibility requirements for each of these exams. The more education a candidate has the less experience they need to sit for the exam. Both exams have the same criteria.

* A candidate with a high school diploma would have to earn four years of full time administrative experience.
* A candidate with an associate’s degree would need three years of full time employment experience.
* A candidate with a bachelor’s degree would need two years of full time employment experience.

The CPS exam is a three part exam while the CAP exam consists of four parts. The CPS exam fee runs $160 for members or $250 for nonmembers. The CAP exam runs $210 for members and $300 for nonmembers. The CPS and CAP exams have a $50 processing fee for members and $85 for nonmembers.

The first three parts of both exams consist of the same material. The CAP has a fourth part that separates it from the rest. Passing the CAP does not give a candidate the CPS certification. The first part of the exams focuses on office systems and technology. Candidates should be familiar with computers, software, document layout, and managing office resources.

The second part of both exams focuses on administrative tasks like records management and communication. The third part of both exams focuses on management issues like human resources, accounting practices, time management, and communication. The final part (only for the CAP exam) focuses on organizational planning and team skills. Studying these areas will guarantee a successful encounter with either exam.

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