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The Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) offered by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) measures student’s knowledge and learning compared to set standards by the state. The test is administered to all students in Georgia from grades one through eight. Students have to answer questions related to reading, math, English, and in some grades Social Studies and Science.

The CRCT exam is composed of select-response style questions. This may come in the form of four possible answer questions or true false style. Future versions of the exam may have constructed response style questions but that remains on the table and not part of the current setup.

The CRCT exams are administered in the school during school days. Students will likely have one particular section one day and another section the next. The content has been tailored to each specific grade so the material should not be foreign to the student. The test measure how well the school has done teaching specific subject matter to the students to keep them in line with federal guidelines.

During the reading portion students will be asked to read passages of text and respond to questions related to those questions. Likewise the math tests focus on grade specific math skills. For instance, grades one will be questions on numerical operations, measurement, and data analysis, while grades seven will find questions about algebra and geometry on their exams.

The test does reflect on the student. It’s an important part of how the school and administrators know they have been doing well in understanding the material.

Recommended CRCT Study Guide:

CRCT Study Guide

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