Master Plumber Exam

The Journeyman and Master Plumber exams vary depending on the state where you are located and where you will take the exam. One must pass the exam in order to obtain certification and license as a master plumber within the state.

Master Plumbers earn more than the plumbers at a journeyman level. Once you have the certification as a master plumber, you can be tasked to do the following:

  • Maintenance, installation, and repair of plumbing systems
  • Training and supervision of the other plumbers involved in your projects

To be eligible to take the Journeyman Plumber exam, you must meet the following requirements:

You must have any of these:

  • current plumber’s apprentice registration
  • a license for Tradesman Plumber-Limited
  • Journeyman or Master Plumber license that you acquired from another state

If you obtained a license from another state, you must submit a letter that includes an official letterhead from the state licensing authority. The letter should state:

  • that your are indeed a licensed Journeyman or Master Plumber
  • where you got the license
  • how long it has been since
  • if the license is renewable

You must have at least 8000 hours of experience in this field as a Plumber’s Apprentice or Tradesman Plumber-Limited.

You must have finished high school. If a diploma cannot be submitted, you must have a General Equivalency Diploma or GED.

You must submit proof of your nationality. If you are not a US citizen, you must show proof that you can legally obtain work in the US.

The exam will cover the following areas:

  • Federal plumbing codes
  • Plumbing codes and regulations specific to the state
  • Basic and advanced repair and maintenance of plumbing systems
  • Installation of plumbing equipment
  • Administration of big time plumbing jobs

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