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The Regents Examination offered by the New York State Board of Regents examines student’s core abilities across a number of subjects. The tests are typically administered under strict observation and determine the area of focus for a student in their high school years. There are many different Regents Exams, including ones focused on comprehensive studies, while others single out particular subjects for student’s to prove their academic aptitude.

In addition to being used for admission purposes, the Regents exam can also determine whether a student receives their high school diploma. A student must achieve a passing grade on five different Regents Exams. The five include Integrated Algebra, Global History and Geography, U.S. History and Government, Comprehensive English, and a Science specific Regent.

Seeing how the Regents exams are delivered in the school, most of the time periods for the exams come in January, June, or August. Many of the exams take place during the end of the final semester so as to determine a student’s preparation for the next year or their ability to perform well in the workforce or at the college level.

The Regents Exams typically follow the multiple-choice question format with between 30 to 50 questions being asked in this fashion. The majority of the general and subject matter tests are only three hours long. The longest Regents Exam would have to be the Comprehensive English exam that takes three hours in two separate day sessions to complete. A few of the science related exams have a laboratory module that will be given a week or two prior to the written portion of the exam.

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Regents Study Guide

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