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CPC Study Guide

The purpose of the Certified Professional Coder exam (CPC) is to demonstrate that those who have passed have the knowledge and experience to be able to code in a medical practice, being able to apply reason and understanding as to why specific codes should be used and being able to do it quickly and accurately.  

Someone qualified as a CPC is a huge benefit to a medical practice. They can check and control the coding of the various services undertaken for a patient, judge the diagnoses and processes involved in a medical claim and ensure the paperwork of records and invoices are maintained and issued correctly. This in turn brings a benefit to the medical practice they work for in the application of a proven and recognised billing system that is based on professional standards. It helps to increase the profit, reduce the costs and improves all round efficiency!

The CPC exam lasts for 5 hours and 40, minutes and encompasses 150 multiple choice questions. Continue reading